Data Deletion Instruction

Last updated on March 03, 2024.

To delete your data from our system, please follow the steps below:

Account Settings: Log in to your account within the mobile app.

Navigate to Settings: Once logged in, locate the settings or account settings section within the app. This is typically represented by a gear icon or similar symbol.

Find Data Deletion Option: Within the settings menu, look for an option related to data management, privacy, or account preferences.

Initiate Data Deletion: Select the option to delete your data or initiate the data deletion process. You may be asked to confirm your decision.

Confirm Deletion: Follow any additional prompts or instructions to confirm the deletion of your data. This may include entering your password or providing other verification details.

Review Confirmation: After confirming the deletion, review any confirmation message or notification to ensure that your data deletion request has been successfully processed.

Logout: Once your data deletion request has been confirmed, it is recommended to log out of your account for added security.

Please note that some data deletion processes may take time to complete fully. Additionally, certain data may be retained for legal or regulatory compliance purposes. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during the data deletion process, please contact our support team for assistance.

Thank you for using our app.